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Welcome to - We have all the very latest information and offers from Sky Digital in the UK. So if you are thinking about getting Sky get a cheap deal from us today.

SKY Digital Satellite TV
Introduction to Sky

Originally Sky Digital launched with a set top box known as the Sky digibox, however, in more recent years the Sky+ and Sky HD boxes have launched alongside the original box. Sky+ is a digital video recorder with an internal hard drive which allows viewers to 'pause live television' (by switching from a live feed to a paused real-time recording that can be restarted at any point) and schedule programs to record in the future. Sky launched HDTV services in May 2006. The first photos of a prototype Sky HD receiver began appearing in magazines in August 2005. All Sky HD receivers incorporate a version of Sky Plus using a 300GB hard drive (of which 160GB is available to the user) to accommodate the necessary extra data.

Sky Channels and Products
  • Movies
  • Sports
  • Entertainment Channels
  • News and Events
  • Kids
  • Style Channels
  • Knowledge Channels
  • Business Channels
  • Culture

Sky Products:

  • Sky Box
  • Sky+
  • Sky HD
  • Multiroom
  • Sky Talk
  • Sky Broadband
Sky Television and BSKYB

Sky have hundreds of TV channels to offer you and it costs a great deal less than you think. From just 16 a month you can enjoy superfast broadband, free UK evening and weekend calls and over 300 TV channels of top quality entertainment.

Find out more about Sky Broadband, Sky Talk and Sky TV and then tailor your perfect bundle to suit you.

Whats more is that Sky will give you a free standard Sky box when you join Sky, giving you all you need to start enjoying Sky, like an on-screen TV guide and parental controls. Or get even more out of Sky TV by upgrading your box to Sky+ or Sky HD.